Honor Park Canceled

Dear Friends and Supporters,

I don't have good news sadly: I am canceling Honor Park.

Honor Park, like any media production, with lots of moving parts such as actors, sets, cameras, mother nature, people, and time is prone to constant problems. If something can go wrong, it does. Honor Park has definitely had execution problems. I would even say an absurd amount of problems in frequency, degree, and bizarreness. Not in the content but in the day to day hands-on creation of it. Things like a hard drive crashing losing a year of work, or people being paid to work on it then bailing randomly when they realize how hard it is. Because of many problems like these, I've had to try to figure out ways to pay for these setbacks with no budget or luxury for any mishaps or delays. I often find myself in the situation of: "Well we are half way through this segment and the budget is already gone, because of 'this and that' unexpected problem I never foresaw. Do I scratch it, or keep going?" I have no choice but to keep going because I have no option for redoing anything. So I keep going and I make up the difference with an extra side job or a loan. In doing this, I have created some incredible things (3 of the 5 episodes filmed and in post production editing). But at a huge expense.

I'm in huge debt right now. I turned Honor Park into a non-profit to try to get donations, to not much interest. People would donate in behalf of me but not in the concept of the media itself for young boys. I work a glorious side job, delivering food at lunch and dinner. I have sacrificed pretty much everything. My family has no husband or father. My wife and sons have been the greatest support I could ever ask for and they've been so supportive even when they didn't ask for any of this. We sacrificed all of our savings. My professional career is pretty much hosed.

Having said all of this about financial problems and difficulties, I have never been one to give up or surrender to these types of obstacles. I can make it through any of that. I can find more investors, or more funding. Heck some of you would probably jump in to keep it going, but something remains even if I solve the problems. It doesn't look like it will ever be smooth sailing for a project like this. Leaving my family basically on a path of destruction on a daily basis for as far as I can see, and I don't want to constantly ask people for support and be breaking my family's hearts. For those that need an analogy, the boat is sinking and waves keep getting bigger and bigger. I've been fighting for 4 years and it's not getting better, it's getting worse. At some point I can't fight them or my family and I will die. I tried charting it and went straight into a storm of nightmares.

The pain involved in doing this, the lack of support from those I thought would support, the bizarre frequent and intense amount of problems, the lack of intervention with any degree of help, and the lack of ability to mentor and be there for my own wife and kids, has caused me to cancel the production. Please forgive me. If you are mad, please know I'm getting what I deserve and will be for some time. No one has put more into this and is suffering tangibly more than myself. I reached for ideals and was crushed. I tried to change things and was humiliated. I left security for the greater good, and found the pavement of imperfection with a kick to the teeth. And I drug my family, and you my friends, through it all through your contributions and building up a hope for something that did not materialize.

Which leads me to what's next. For the next several months to years I will dismantle Honor Park and pay off my large debt. It will suck. Honor Park is a 501c3 non-profit so all of it must be donated to another non-profit or be taken over by something or someone who shares its vision but has the resources to pull it off.

Any questions, comments, or disgruntled thoughts, feel free to contact me. You know I would have not done any of this if I didn't think it was going to work and be something we'd all be proud of. I know there may be some who feel they did not get what they were promised. This is understandable since it is turning into the historical fact. If you are in this category, give me a call or email and I will do my best to make it right.

Huge apologies, and hope for some good out of all this.
Your friend,

Andrew Young